The Far-from-Home Picnic Poems
& Knapsack Nibbles and Scribbles of MOZZ

Winner of the USA Book News
"Best Books 2010" Award for Humor

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Mozz is at it again—inviting you to travel down another long and wonderfully wacky road to share more adventures of a lifetime. So open up this book of picnic poems and nibble on some nonsense—feast on the fantastic, the odd, and the utterly amazing—and as you skip along, far from home, let the big bright sun of goofiness guide your way.

For every child from five to five thousand years young.

"Weird and charming . . . Mozz is a modern-day Dr Seuss or Shel Silverstein, creating worlds that are often nonsensical but always whimsical." — Westword


Come on Mozzmates, don’t be like the ten-toed tribe and dither around! Let’s take the fork in the road and head off on another adventurous journey down Wacky Way. So put on your teapot hats and let’s follow the troll and dragon tracks through a land where firebirds sing and all the clocks have wings.

Let me introduce you to my father as he dances a Tibetan jig in his peacock-feathered wig, and my mother who juggles cheese and reads bedtime recipes. Let’s go and meet Really Rude Rebecca Rose (with her toe stuck up her nose!), watch Splatterhead Stan paint one of his fantastic portraits as he stands in front of a fan, and have our eyes opened extra-wide as Billy Butterfly––who’s oh so cool––flies overhead on his way to school. Let’s take the dogfrog for a walk, catch shooting stars in our nets, and have barrels of fun as we climb up my sky-high ladder to sunbathe on the sun.

Yes, let’s take that fork in the road and tuck in to what lies ahead. Let’s dance the Curly Spring and the Silly Thing, and as we whistle the wild wind’s song, let’s skip along, all the way down that long, long road with only the lightness of laugher as our load.

Oh come on, Mozzmates, come on!