The Top Secret Riddles and Left-Handed Scribbles of MOZZ

Gold Prize Winner of the Moonbeam
Children’s Book Award for Poetry

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Mozz is brimming with wisdumb, and here, in the final installment of his wonderfully wacky Silly Billy Trilogy, the mysteries of utter mozzsense are, at last, revealed. So come on an amazing adventure in search of the ultimate nutty knowledge, the grail of the greatest goofiness, and have your eyes opened saucer-wide by what you will find within this treasure chest of a book.

"A reading experience in which everything is looked at in a new, fresh way." — School Library Journal

"Puts an entirely new spin on the art of poetry." — Northwest Indiana Times


Hey, Mozzmates, put on your hermit crab hats and disappear with me into a world where all the secrets of life will soon be uncovered. Come on an amazing adventure in search of the Holey Whale––that fabulous creature who knows the answers to all the riddles, puzzles, and questions of time. Why is a carpet the ideal pet? Why are aliens always green? Why do Italians eat noodles instead of poodles? How come Humpty Dumpty’s mother won’t lay another egg?

Let's journey through the laughing sands of the Sa-ha-ha-hara, through the day where it's raining real cats and dogs, visit Madame Super Snout the Fortune Smeller, and play donut pitching in the park. Let me introduce you to Willy Forty Winks, Mr. Tomorrow, Captain Book, and the man who tried to fly around the world in a paper plane. We can tadpole-vault across the pond, ride a modern witch’s vacuum cleaner, and be entertained by my never-washed socks as they tiptoe across a tightrope under the circus big top.

Yes, come on, Mozzmates, let’s sail the Sea of Where and Why in search of the mighty Holey Whale. Let’s seek the wackiness of wisdumb and the nuttiest of knowledge, and in a lightning flash and a whaley splash somewhere along the way, undoubtedly you’ll understand the enlightening essence of utter mozzsense and the very meaning of life itself.