When Mozz was at school, he wasn’t a bad student, but he wasn’t the teacher’s pet either. So when his report card came, his grades were not the greatest in the world! But of course, he had the perfect excuse - gravity!

My teacher says that gravity
Helps to keep things down,
So when it comes to grades
There must be lots around.

Yes, Mozz blamed his grades on gravity, but also on his dog! Yes, his dog! Because at one time Mozz tried to train his dog to do his homework. Of course, it was very optimistic of him to think that his dog could do such a thing, but Mozz thought it was at least worth a try. You can tell how optimistic Mozz was from the poem he wrote:

I’m training my dog to do my homework.
So far, he’s not very good,
But I’m sure he could get better —
He could! He could! He could!

Unfortunately, Mozz’s dog didn’t get better, and neither did
Mozz’s grades. But even then Mozz had a great imagination,
especially when he looked out the classroom window!

Only when I daydream, I reckon,
When I look out the classroom window for a spit second...
Only when I lose concentration,
When I use my vivid imagination,
Do I find myself, it seems,
Crowned King of the Galaxy.
Where every command is instantly answered
By, “Yes, your Majesty, Oh Master.”
When I say, “Do all my homework for me,”
And my servants comply with every need.
Or I say, “Let there be playtime for eternity,”
And they bow down on one knee, “As you please, your Majesty.”
And, “Make sure my grades are the best in the class,
Erase all the bad ones from the past,
Bring me the royal jet instead of that old school bus,”
And it’s done without a fuss.
Oh, it’s only when I daydream, I reckon,
When I look out the classroom window for a split second...
When I lose my concentration,
And use my vivid imagination,
Do such scenes and schemes become a reality,
And I’m crowned King of the Galaxy.

So, you see, at least in his imagination,
Mozz’s grades were the best in the class!