Mozz loves cats. He thinks they’re purrfect! In all of his books you’ll find cats, especially his favorite cat of all time, Tommy Purr. In Search of the Holey Whale is dedicated to Tommy, and Mozz drew lots of fish in the book to ensure that Tommy would enjoy reading it!

Very sadly, a few years ago Tommy died, but he lived a very, very looooooooong time. In fact, Mozz believed that Tommy may have been the oldest cat in the world and wanted to put him in the Guinness Book of Records. Tommy Purr lived to be twenty-four years old!

As you know cats lead a very luxurious life, one that consists mainly of sleeping and eating, with a bit of meowing in between. Tommy’s life was no exception. Although he was a Japanese cat, he traveled with Mozz all over the world and could meow in Japanese, French, and English.

Mozz wrote another book he thought Tommy would particularly like. It’s called CATHATS, and it’s full of poems about people wearing cats as hats! There’s the Cool Cathat worn by Elvis, the Techno-Cathat wore by Einstein, the Creative Cathat worn by Picasso, and many, many more.

The collection of poems was published in Japan and the poems were translated by the very famous Japanese poet, Shuntaro Tanikawa (The poems are also presented in English at the back of the book.)

So if you ever go to Tokyo you might find a copy of CATHATS in the bookshops there. Or if you have a cat, you could perhaps try wearing it. But be warned - cathats can scratch as easily as they can purr! One must treat one’s cathats very gently.