There’s one person that Mozz especially envies: Mr. Tomorrow. Mozz wishes that for just a single minute he could borrow Mr. Tomorrow’s brain - a wonderful creative brain that invented left-handed toothpaste, handkerchiefs for weeping willows and self-knotting rope.

Of course, Mozz has invented a few things of his own, such as the Underwater Bicycle (though he still hasn’t fathomed how to ride it without getting soaking wet!), suitcases with wings (that fly on ahead of you on a holiday trip so you don’t have to check them in!), the edible Frisbee made of dough, the Scary Shark Hairdo (that allows you to swim peacefully in the sea), Book Juice (made from spinning up books in the blender), and the Skyline Snorkel (that allows flying fish to glide for miles above the ocean and enjoy the view.

Yes, Mozz is constantly on the look out for new inventions - ways to make the world a more wonderfully wacky place to live. He might not be quite as clever as Mr. Tomorrow, but he certainly is one silly sausage!