Cool Schools

Hello teachers, librarians and all you mates of Mozz, I’m Alice Apple,
the goofy goddess and editor-in-chief of Goofy Guru Publishing. Our company is in the mountains of Colorado, in Boulder ("Batty Boulder," as Mozz likes to call it) and I’m in charge of collecting all Mozz’s nuttiness together and making these wonderful wacky books of his.

I’m also in charge of the inviting Mozz to come to America for a visit, for making sure the Mozzmobile in revved up and ready, and for organizing the THE GREAT AND GLORIOUS GOOFY GURU SHOW at schools and libraries throughout the country.

Mozz is a marvelous performer. With his quick wit and worldly wackiness he is a smash hit with the kids (and all the teachers love his beautiful British accent too!) When he reads his poems, he peppers his performance with lots of amusing anecdotes and funny facts, and even gets the kids to sing along to his special theme song Wrinkled, Wrinkled Little Prune (the one with the same melody as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)!

Oh, and the show is very hi-tech too! Mozz comes with his computer and a huge projector and all his loony illustrations are magnified in giant-size so the kids can look on mesmerized while they listen.

Afterward, Mozz answers the children’s questions and talks about what inspires him, what has influenced his work, and how he does his writing. He even describes the type of pen he uses for his illustrations and offers lots of other wonderfully wise words he hopes will inspire children to read, to write and illustrate their own poems, and to look at the world very differently than they ever have before.

Yes, meeting Mozz is truly a memorable moment in the life of any schoolchild!