The Electric Light Verse and Shocking Scribbles of MOZZ

Winner of the EVVY Award for Humor

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Mozz is absolutely magical, a rhyme and rhythm wizard, undoubtedly the goofiest goofy guru this side of the silly sun.

Open this amazing oyster of a book and enter an enthralling world of wonderment, wackiness and wisdumb.

For every child from five to five-thousand years young.

"Silly and highly original." — School Library Journal

"Will captivate poetry loves of all ages... Youngsters will love the simple, humorous stanzas and illustrations; parents will marvel at the book’s literary references and double entendres." — The Daily Camera


I'm a tiger tuner,
I'm a wolf whistler,
I'm a porcupine juggler.
I'm a shark shooter,
I'm a snake swallower,
I'm a tarantula trainer.
I'm a scorpion stroker,
I'm an alligator waiter.
I'm a piranha charmer,
I'm a swordfish fencer,

And . . .
I was wondering if
you were going to be free,
would you like to read this book with me?

O let's go where no one's been before, far down the road to Nowhere, through the jungles of the Jungle Gym (watch out for the giant slimy slugs and chewing gum mud) to a world of elephant birds, and singing sofas, supersonic fried eggs and turtles on towering legs. Meet Boomerang Bill and Boomerang Betty, Little Blue Riding Hood and the Big Good Wolf; drop in at the Creepy Crawly Shop of Shocks (perhaps even buy a frog-flavored lollipop and some Dracula Pop); cruise the seven seas with a toothless pirate crew, and swoop across the heavens on a stolen witch's broom. O let's learn from the Pearls about homework-helping pets and what NOT to do when you catch a dragon in your net. Let's learn from the Pearls why dinosaurs should be kept on a leash and why sometimes tooth fairies can take the wrong teeth.

O let's go, thirsty for knowledge, to the Well of Life at the other side of the whacky world, where we can sip great wisdumb through a straw and be smart forevermore.