The Complete Works of Wisdumb

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Mozz is absolutely magical, a rhyme and rhythm wizard, undoubtedly the goofiest goofy guru this side of the silly sun.

Mozz, the great rhyme and rhythm wizard, has been busy packing all of his wisdumb, all of his nutty knowledge, and all of his glorious goofiness into one big box––a box to be carried under your arm as you wander whistling down the highways and byways of life. And here it is, full to overflowing with a whole set of Mozz’s supreme silliness: THE PEARLS OF WISDUMB, A FORK IN THE ROAD, and IN SEARCH OF THE HOLEY WHALE. Together they form their own little library, a storehouse of wonderment, wackiness, and oddball entertainment––an amazing Mozz-in-the-Box of surprises.

For every child from five to five-thousand years young.

"Weird and charming . . . Mozz is a modern-day Dr Seuss or Shel Silverstein, creating worlds that are often nonsensical but always whimsical." — Westword

"Silly and highly original." — School Library Journal